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Virtual Artists

Week of Feb. 15 choice board
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Click on the snowflakes for lots of art making fun and games!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo
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Checkout the artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo. What do you notice about his paintings? What sort of objects does he use to create these unusual portraits? See how many different items you can find in his paintings. Watch a video all about the artist and his amazing work. Create your own Giuseppe Arcimboldo inspired artwork using found objects, nature, fruits and vegetables! Use your imagination and have fun!



I can EXPRESS a feeling!
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What feeling will you express in your artwork? Try creating a mask using cardboard and found objects. Use your imagination and I know you will come up with something amazing!


week of 9/28/2020

This week, artists, we are talking about why artists create! We can express, or share, our ideas when we create. What ideas will you share? Ideas can come from what you feel, what you imagine, what you observe, or what you remember. This week think about why you like to create and how you will express your ideas.

Studio Habits of Mind - Art of OHS

I can OBSERVE the world around me and create!

Week of Sept. 21-25

Artists use their eyes to explore the world around them and find inspiration. You are an artist, what do you observe? Go for a nature walk to collect and observe different objects to draw, or create some nature art! On a beautiful, sunny day try shadow drawing. Observe the shadows different objects cast and trace the shadow on paper or the sidewalk. Turn your shadow into an iteresting picture. Collect different kinds of leaves for a fun printmaking activity! Observe the lines and shapes the leaves make when printed on your paper. Don’t forget, you are the artist, you must decide what you will create. These are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! I would love to see what you are up to, share your masterpieces with me.

Week of September 9/14/20
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Line, Shape, and Color!
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Week of September 9/7/20

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